New Brand Shoes for Cheap

Tadaa, the Mannheim label footwear Mannheim is now in the online shop. The young company has designed a shoe collection for men. The first ten models can be purchased already. Casual masculine look, expressive, innovative forms – this is the handwriting of footwear Mannheim. These shoes are designed for men who define themselves not about age, but about style. There are just men’s shoes with character: handmade, masculine casual, always on the move. They exude passion, spirit, success. Anyone dressed stylishly, can complete his outfit with trendy shoes from footwear Mannheim and give impression during leisure time, as well as in the business. Most of the men’s shoes are kept in the Budapest style and are available in black, blue and brown leather or black lacquer. Thus, a part of them have the following characteristics:

-made with a broad, relatively straight bars

-high and relatively broad rounded tip

-Double-stitched construction

-Double sole

-Leather sole

-Derby style with heel cap


-Perforations ornament

Some models are rather sporty, with rubber soles, so that the lovers of sporty shoe style will worth their money. You can both combine casual as well in business style. For example you can wear a jacket and a pair of chic jeans, you roll up a bit, and colorful socks. The high quality leather shoes look top of course in combination with suit! They are suitable for the spring, summer, autumn and winter. You can wear all year round. Each pair is sold with a small shoe bag. Currently, there are the handmade shoes exclusively here. Be a trendsetter and among the first winners of the new brand.