New Clothes from H & M Autumn/Winter

Yesterday I read what he said Fashionisima over the trademark low-cost that every so often have news and today we have a new release from H & M for your collection autumn-winter 2010 / 2011 that thinking increasingly in shelter to women and not let anyone pass cold with your clothes. More ideas to complement the 10 looks that I chose the other day.

Again we see Daria Werbowy est time with Anja Rubik as a couple in the new release of H & M dresses and warmest sweaters of these next few days face-centered.

H & M autumn/winter 2010 / 2011: get warm but do not hide the legs

While the initial cold idea is the full cover, marks like sexy dress the woman with a touch to keep the attraction of showing legs as often happens in winter. In this way, see what’s new from H & M with Maxi shirts in the form of mini-dresses with stockings game and heaters in the form of fretwork.

Sweaters from H & M, this winter is the maxi

Fashion for this autumn-winter coming contrasts the feminine style of mark figure with the convenience of the more loose garments and maxi size. This is reflected in enormous sweaters who’s dresses. Two items by one and thus avoid spending so much heat with the thousand layers of the onion.

The point It is one of key tissues, especially in the shirts with a drooping neck and beige tones.

Maxi cardigans for winter by H & M

The fashion of the Maxi cardigans still another season. And me so happy, because I love is one of my favorites. But unlike the last winter season, what we see now are Maxi cardigans without, rather with grecques or geometric prints and stripes in very muted colors. You airs poncho and layers to make them more baggy if possible. Combined with dark garments where the Cowboys could not miss.

Luckily the color also can be seen and pass in the form of stripes. Two-for-one. I love this model.

Color for the winter by H & M!

I’m tired of that coupled with the arrival of autumn cold we have let dress color and only let the flashy looks for summer. It is an absurd idea from vintagesfinder. Luckily H & M leave us a minimum alternative on your new line with this striped dress in bright colors, scarf game.

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