New in: Leggings of Hue!

Leggings. I remember that time my 16-year-old self, Denim skirts, stripes legs and Chucks. What then, combines wonderfully with my self-concept, I have in retrospect a little smile. And exactly this belächelnden character seem tight-fitting trousers still have to, because that combination really works with the halfway house of pants and tights?

As we HUE asked a few weeks ago if we would not like to combine one model, we were immediately on board and behold, when browsing the models we were clear that leggings have nothing to do with their image. The choice fell on a variant in suede, and not just in terms of convenience, many competitors in my pants cabinet finished off. It can be wonderfully combined with longer blouses and shirts and bring back new life to mean something eingeschlafene pants relationship focused lately especially on black and Skinny jeans Disco Pants. So once again a warm welcome to my new HUE Leggings! Although I will continue not combine with Jean skirts and Chucks, promised.

Dear black disco pants and skinny jeans, please welcome the newest member to the pants-family: thesis leggings from HUE called “Ultra Suede”. The competition is on, deal with it!