New Topshop Limited Edition Dresses

Topshop season after season launches its limited-edition dresses. Dresses made with high quality fabrics and with details that make them pieces more special the of your usual collection. The styles of dresses include several times, my favorite style of twenties. What is your favorite?

Low waist dress with steering wheel with jacquard print with threads of silver for 208 euros. A simple dress that can win much with eye-catching accessories.

Dressed in the same cut as above but carried out in printed and polka dot silk. Dress ideal for the lovers of moles who want to give a twist to the classic moulded 195 euros.

Dress type sixties lemon yellow color. Neck and sleeves with Pearl beading. A different dress for a sixties look, top model with a high bun. The dress costs 254 euros.

A little black dress a little different to the usual. The dress is silk with Tulip skirt, hips with pleat detail and structured. Back open Vee. Dress for 195 euros.

Organza dress with skirt Bonbon and oversized sleeves. Red organza or with printed flowers form. Dress style 80, 208 euros.

Long dress of flapper style green colour with the same tone Pearl details. A wonderful dress with a very vibrant color for the lovers of the 1920s, by 228 EUR.

Midi dress also flapper style but in nude color and embroidered with small beads in golden color, for 228 euros.

Bodycon dress with sequins in silver and gold on body of tulle in nude tone. 1990s back in fashion and the tight dresses will make you the Queen of the night, by 234 EUR.