Of the Famous Summer Dresses: Prom or Street?

There is no summer without the best dresses both in the Calle as in Parties and the famous they know it. So much that they strive to not repeat any of the looks of her companions of profession. Thus we see a wide range of ideas including choose and inspire is facing a possible purchase in the sales.

The famous go party

Summer days and days of cocktail parties or days of weddings where you choose what please. Do you have your dress? Kate Moss does not hesitate to opt for the classic. British model remains true to the little black dress. A dress of Prada black flight in the skirt, a nice cleavage with a zipper. Combined with a pair of sandals rainbow of four colors of Christian Louboutin.

In the example opposite Kate Moss see to Jennifer Lawrence preferring white. Of Alexander McQueen playing with the visual sensation of ribbons cross dressed in a short knee almost, round neck and sleeve French.

Much that the black and white continue to be two of the basics to choose summer calls for more color. Dresses as of Scarlett Johansson. A live design and Versace (collection cruise 2014). A dress looking for a more marked and again knee-waist, passing it in its case for a short.

This stick I stay with Hailee Steinfeld. The eyes of Kenzo they become your minidress that is pretty well. If a thousand people look at him she is not short. Dress that combined with a pair of shoes from Christian Louboutin the mesh part I would remove.

Halfway between cocktail and a summer Street style see to Miranda Kerr. Of Erdem It is difficult to guess not. A floral dress with oriental taste whose silvery embroidery gives the festive touch. Miranda Kerr combines it with studded Sandals of Valentino and a bag of Samantha Thavasa.

For a more formal party Vanessa Hudgens you prefer to opt for a dress with halter neckline with applications embroidered in Orange on a pastel background. A type of dress only reserved for moments of greatest tag.

The daily city

Karlie Kloss not complicated, opting instead for the comfort of a few black dancers along with a short neckline with shoulder halter dress to the air. Pretty well with a design in the meantime blue short of showy flowers with whitish touches. Simple but charming.

Emma Watson you prefer to opt for the oriental inspiration in a long dress that a few centimeters above you would be sitting better. A casual set for summer with neckline pronounced Vee shaped and a skirt wide avoiding adhere to the body. A dress of Candela that combined with a pair of sandals from Ancient Greek.

Jennifer Love-Hewitt It boasts pregnancy these days and so prefer to opt for more vaporous dresses in the face of high temperatures. Dresses that welcome the pleat at the top and join the Court Empire with thin tape belt-shaped.