One of 50, Collection of Bracelets, Rings and Pendants 2009

Updated with the new campaign and a new collection of articles

Jewelry and Bijouterie they are the perfect final detail to complete all good look self-respecting. Even dressed in t-shirt and jeans, pareceremos more dressed if we add a nice pendant or an eye-catching bracelet.

For all lovers of strong jewellery, One of 50 It is one of the most current and modern brands that exist and in which you will find many of the parts that you’re looking for.

One of 50 characterized by their designs with a special metal alloy that gives you that rustic finish characteristic of the brand, and subsequently they have anti-allergic bath and one silver finish, and all of them are of large size.

The origin of the name One of 50 It is initially only 50 pieces of each design were made, but due to the success of the brand, the number of articles had to expand. They promptly get limited editions of 50 pieces of some articles.

The rings , whether playing with silver shapes worked or with red stones, are one of the strong points of their collections.

For this season have launched the collection Spain and ole It meets our major (polka dots, guitars and castanets) topics in a way that is very original and fun, as in these necklaces with charms.

We can not overlook its bracelets, as original as the wrist strap, which lets you exchange closing in different materials and colors.

The most funny ringtone get it its keychains.

Their collection, I especially love the bags, natural leather, and vintage finish. Become me crazy bags style master school, which appear to have a long history behind. Good leather is also as good wine and elegant women, improve with age. For this Spring-Summer 2009, the brand has a very colorful collection of bags.

Currently, the chain One of 50 It is spreading and opening outlets in many Spanish cities, each with its characteristic red colour.