Pajamas for Women and Nightdresses

Gone is the heat of summer and it is time to go to bed more sheltered. The new winter collection will make us feel comfortable at home without losing the elegance.

The novelties of this season aim as much towards the prints as towards the smooth designs very current. Materials of cotton, viscose and velvet of the highest quality and always comfortable.

We will find long-sleeved women’s pajamas  with soft colors (pink and blue) by the Gloria Baroni brand ,  with youthful details for the youngest of the house. For the slightly larger sizes Gloria Baroni also offers the salmon color in a design with slats in the front of the cotton waist, or very elegant viscose garments of cava with a very sophisticated lace.

Always long-sleeved to combat the cold

The new collection brings us other designs where the beige reigns with buttons and embroidery on the bottom that contrast with the darker color of the pants. In addition, the pink degraded with buttons from size 46 for those who want to feel comfortable without giving up a youthful look. Stripes and flowers arrive on lighter backgrounds accompanied by smooth pants. Fine cotton fabrics with light colors (pink stick) that bring style.

 Another of the novelties of this season is based on a more intense blue in the trousers that accompanies a shirt of liberty floral prints on a light beige. It also emphasizes a set of cotton and polyester where the top shows a shades of strawberry color on a gray background that fits perfectly to strawberry pants. Do not forget that the formal reds of theSeñoretta  brand look for space in your closet along with the burgundy Gloria Baroni in tight pants. The light blue and the beige, with cotton fabrics, are transformed into the ideal pajamas of this season.

If you’re looking for the comfort of nightgowns this season you’ll notice how the suspenders are turning into long sleeves as the days go by. She dominates the cotton with celestial flower prints with fine lace in sleeves and in the bottom part until half-leg. Very light and warm nightgowns like a new cava design or plain pink baby with a collar adorned with embroidery. A piece that reaches the ankle to enjoy the winter without problems. Fabrics in viscose or modal, provide a fall and a feeling of wearing nothing, as if it were a second skin.