Party Dresses at Prices Affordable and Divine!

Dress Mango 39,90 EUR

You have a party and you feel like brand new outfit but you a budget. That does not mean that you can not be pretty and sophisticated. Low-cost firms give us to choose among several proposals for the latest trend and at a moderate price.

Long sophisticated holiday dresses, cocktail designs, monkeys or beautiful skirts to combine are proposals that H & M, Zara, ASOs, Mango or SuiteBlanco Harbor in the racks of its stores, waiting for us to get into our closet.

In Mango There are several proposals that I love, from dresses to the most recurrent mini. This is one of the bargains of their new catalogue little black dress classic. A velvet dress with cleavage peak and transparent sleeves, in keeping with the latest trends. Perfect for a discrete event. Its price is of 19.99 EUR.

This is one of my favorites asymmetric Mono carved in Velvet also Mango. It is a perfect garment to change the typical dress. Combine with a gilt belt to give your own touch, and it will also look more sophisticated. Its price of just 29.99 euros.

Original and very sexy is this monkey in Midnight blue of Zara, other color at least different to black, even though you know that I am in favour of black and very elegant. Semi-transparent blouse and pants in sequins make this design a combination divine! Price of 29.90 euro.

This skirt of H & M It is simply divine. I don’t like the combination of the model, but you can wear this mini-skirt and a body of strapless dress or blouse as a perfect, simple, smooth and raw. It is a bit expensive 49.95 EUR to be just one piece, but if we wear it with a top that we rescue our wardrobe we get an economic styling.

A look of the same style and even much cheaper is this dress from Zara’s skirt of sequins and chiffon body of only 29,95 EUR.

Black, simple, pristine is this dress from SuiteBlanco. In this look so sober elegance lies in Add-ins that put you. To be a black design you can play with the colors of the accessories, although I bet on gold. Its price is of 35,99 EUR.

Stays but disarmingly feminine is this dress with detail on the shoulders and back on the air. Perfect for a cocktail night. Its price is of 32.90 euro.

To put some color to the winter by 29.99 euros You can look this beautiful Red asymmetrical long model of SuiteBlanco. Pair it with black or gold accessories. You can even wear it at a wedding in the morning with a flashy headdress.

A red more intense, sexy and perfect for an outing with friends is this stays dress of ASOs of 29,00 EUR.

If your style is more romantic and discreet this model, is also of ASOs, in nude strapless neckline of 31,00 EUR.

In our mail we have received the request from a reader of Jezebel, Marina Sanchez, with a post of this style. I hope that it has given you some idea and they have served you any of these proposals for all styles and budgets.