Party Dresses for Future Moms

In this new Special Edition dresses for all occasions we can not set aside to the moms. We’ve talked about low-cost, high level dresses, dresses for weddings, etc., but what is there that are waiting for a baby and her belly you simpide wore a garment like those shown? Don’t worry because today we bring the solution.

Because there is nothing more beautiful than the proof that a new life is born, We bring you the chic dresses and glam without being the salary of means. And is that the shop It has launched a new special collection for pregnant. Are you ready? And we started with a very modern model: a just tight, Greek style beige. What do you think?

For an important event the best thing is to resort to the Black classic. Many girls do not want to dress in this tonality for their simplicity, that’s why this dress break the monotony Thanks to the flowers in broken white of the chest. What do you think?

In Stone Grey satin This dress leaves to bare your legs. Ideal for wedding day.

Of the most sexy is this model fitted to the body and in lace. Who said that clothes pre-mama and? trend were they not United?

Styles 70’s, according to Dentistrymyth, It is this another airy dress in Lilac. The detail of the Bare shoulders and long sleeve is the most.

Decolletage Word of honor, tight and short is this dress. Pair it with a blazer and a good maxi clutch and Struts feeling. It is perfect for day weddings or events where you don’t want to get much but if you want to go stylish 100%.

If what you need is a Maxi dress, East in strapless neckline and salmon meets all your expectations. It has a gathering below chest leaving the belly area without pressure. How so you going to combine?

And for high Crest, this maxi version weddings in Maroon It is perfect for the occasion. The shirred neckline collect you it and enhances it. This tonality marries perfectly with the nude, do you dare? You’re divine!