Party Dresses for the Knee to Look at Christmas

And we continue with more proposals to look this Christmas. Prom dresses flattering, stylish and elegant that proposes the signing Barbarella, a brand that did not know, but that I was surprised by the originality of their proposals. Young and very feminine fashion, which began in the year 2004 from the hand of its two creators, Barbara and Africa peace.

They are the designers of this collection of beautiful prom dresses of knee-length , the so-called cocktail, which serve to show off both by day and by night. And all of them very feminine.

And best of all are their brightly colored, their flattering cuts, in addition to proposals in black, which can never missing in any collection that boasts.

Asymmetric dresses they are the star of the season. Each sleeve flare as the dress of the first image, a very stylish proposals in black and white, a combination that never fails. Also cutting broad to not mark certain imperfections in the body.

For those who prefer to dial type, the best is a design hyper adjusted as this mini-volantes purple, perfect for the Christmas Eve dinner or company dinner. The name is a reference to Princess letizia because he has worn one similar.

This black dress sounds like that imitation of a designer, but I’ve also seen very similar in white. A simple dress, baby-doll skirt and neck bib in rhinestones in silver shades, ideal to show off the evening with some peep – toes black and silver clutch.

A display of creativity turned into wonderful models. The lace Another proposal this season, it is the latest fashion together with applications of ties as Star detail. And this dress has two requirements: a word of honour of very sophisticated pencil skirt.

This black design of asymmetrical neckline with a wide sleeve You can choose for a meal combined with a jacket of point. And for night as is with clear socks and heels.

And a little more than black, that you can not miss in a collection, it is this very model for the girls of wide hip and just to wear at night. A word of honor with black white ruffle skirt.

As you can see there are dresses black, purple and blue with Rhinestones, ruffled, woven overlapping, necklines at the back or with hair, which will make your style pure sophistication. Evening dresses to shine this Christmas.