Patek Philippe Watches

A rare rarity from the House of Patek Philippe. The glass dial offers insights into the delicate movement of the Grand complication REF.5104P.

If watch lovers earlier laid to an elegant timepiece, they went to the jewelry store of confidence, could consult and took the precious pieces scrutinized on site. But as in many areas moved the business himself of High Clocks propagated on the Internet. So, the platform for watches of chronext for a rare Patek Philippe recently reached the record price of over half a million euros. But which are to justify this price: is it the precious timepieces or something more behind?

As a collectible, the young company, praises the the principal place of business in the Swiss and two branch offices in Cologne and London has the Patek Philippe Grand Complication Ref. 5104P on. And indeed: the clock is a real rarity of the Swiss manufacturer. It is namely not known how many actually exist. However, it is rumored Thatpro year only two to sixteen copies are made. A Russian watch enthusiasts bought the timer via the Internet platform Chronext. In the case of the automatic watch consists of Platinum, the bracelet is the floor made of Sapphire Crystal made of crocodile leather. That alone justified the price by over 540,000 euros but only in parts. The real peculiarity of this timepiece is its interior. So, “Half million hour” has a perpetual calendar, a lunar calendar and minute Repeater. A chiming clock with two feathers, which are raised through a gate in the side of the housing, hourly sets the tone. The glass dial provides insight into the numerous complications which includes the 43-mm housing. That you for a piece of this kind pays more than 540,000 euros, seems for the connoisseur High Clocks the not surprising, after all, were already less expensive pieces for far more money over the counter.

Two Opposing Trends

That enables a young E-commerce company, which launched its Internet shop only at the beginning of the year, can record this kind of success within such a short time, can be considered as an indicator of the rapidly growing trend of Internet trading of luxury watches. Other platforms such as Chrono24 or eBay come in the segment of the Nobel watches already on several hundred million euros.

According to EHOTELAT, this trend swirls to the Internet the industry of luxury watch. That migrate more and more lovers of luxury watches in the Internet, would be mainly to the significant price range between the shop and Internet merchants. Here, the E-commerce should be prices for luxury watches such as in almost all areas of e-commerce currently far below. Therefore the rare Patek Philippe may have reached however a such record price watch. This can be explained in turn by an antagonistic trend: because with increasing dealer offers mostly the demand and that is driving the prices up. Especially if it’s such rarities as the Grand Complication of the Swiss manufacturer of the tradition. Simple market economy.

A Decision in Principle

However, the danger to fall well made counterfeit is for luxury-loving buyers in the vastness of the Internet. Therefore, the purchase on the Internet requires a high level of expertise of the interested party against the clock model and of the E-commerce company alike. Chronext turns between the parties, takes the pieces first in the possession of own, before they are passed on to the buyer, and thus ensuring the absolute safety that it’s original.

It’s a landmark decision. Either comfortably wrapping off buying a luxury watch over an Internet retailer or you prefer the somewhat long-winded option, seeks out the noble boutique, can consult, celebrates also the resurrection of the desired piece. It makes hardly any difference price-wise. Because the fact is: for a rare and fine timepieces like the Patek Phillippe Grand Complication you must Access always something deeper in the Pocket.

However, the most expensive watch in the world comes from German Home: the Grand Complication by A. Long & Sons.