Pippa Middleton Steal Her Style

Pippa Middleton is the true queen of England by popular acclaim the most popular girl of the moment it is she, the little sister of Kate, the sister of Prince William and the alleged secret girlfriend of Harry, in short, a nice ride around this young girl English! Pippa Middleton actually does nothing to feed the gossip and to talk about her life, she lives normally, does what he did before, wearing the same bags and the same clothes, goes to work, some days you wake up crooked, is a like us!

Pippa Middleton is the most paparazzi girl of the moment, all he does is in the papers, his private life no longer exists and all put his mouth on her looks, in short, it seems to be the life of one who made the Big Brother and to which it went well , just that she has simply made by a maid to her sister’s wedding, so happened that the sister in question has just married Prince William! Pippa is a beautiful girl but certainly nothing earth-shattering, in short, is a simple girl who loves to dress fashion, sometimes i guess other a bit ‘less, certainly in his life every day, there is not much place for hats bon ton. Today we show you a beautiful parade of photographs of Pippa Middleton in her life every day, she likes the simple but chic clothes, not disdain jeans and t-shirts and adores her bags: Pippa Modalu of London and the Annina of LKBennet .

If you want to copy the Pippa Middleton look, you’ll be pleased to know that no dresses with deluxe brands, you can just go from Zara and H & M.