Plus Size Retro Clothing

Who has not been inspired by the wonderful Tess Munster? I think every one of us has ever done it! A woman who has made it clear that women of any size, any color, any race, can be someone if they learn to love what makes them different, because we are all special in our very unique way.

Also thanks to her, we can recognize the benefits of the retro style, since it has been the image of great brands that offer this attractive, cheeky, classy style, and fun garments in large sizes. So if you’re looking for retro clothing for your unique size, you should read this post.

Domino Dollhouse : Offers a variety of clothing, underwear and accessories, if yours is retro clothing they have everythingcovered. They handle current trends with reasonable prices and reach up to 4X.

The Curvy Kitten: If you are looking for retro pieces that look ferocious in your curves this is the perfect place for you. This store offers excellent retro trend dresses that will make you feel sexy as always. The pieces range from size 14 to 32 and are also reasonably priced.

Moder Merr: This store is full of retrogoodness and the best pencil skirts. Not only are they known for their perfect skirts, but also for the fact that their sizes are up to a size 3X. That means, that their dresses, skirts, and other garments hug women of all sizes.

Cherry Velvet Plus: This store since 2011 has been careful to offer a line of great focus retro clothing for those girls who are looking for fun dresses with a fabulous fit. They handle more than 9 sizes from XS to 3X.Their dresses are sold throughout Canada and in some places in the US, but if you are not close to these places you can purchase them online.