Present And Future Of Smart Watches

Smartwatches could be the next technological impact. Clocks that communicate with your smartphone and that are becoming more like him. They exist for a year, but now it is rumored that Apple is preparing something and Samsung has announced that it will present a model.

Most are already carrying a smartphone in their pocket.And although it’s costing them to take off, we’ve all heard ofsmart TVs. But in our wrists are still the same watches as always, with hardly any technological innovation in the last decades.

However,everything indicatesthat less and less for theemergenceofsmart clocks.

The Future Of Smartwatches?

Smartwatches are not a new thing (Sony already taught them in early 2012) according to SPORTSQNA, but have caught the attention of the spotlight due to a rumor of great caliber: Apple could be preparing its landing in the world of smart watches (iWatch).

On the Net we talk about an apple smartwatch with sober design and it would be like a miniature iPhone.The rumor sets the release date sometime in 2013.

Will Apple break the market by reinventing a product that already exists? It already did with MP3 players and their first iPod, and the impact of the iPhone in the smartphone world was no less.

Its competitors are getting nervous and the vice president of Samsung Mobile has already announced that the South Korean company is also preparing a smart watch.

The Present Of The Smartwatches

But there are not as many smart watches in the stores yet.Sony is one of the brands that markets smartwatches.At the last Mobile World Congress we could see one of them.

First of all it is a watch with all kinds of displays (analogue, digital…) and customizable by different straps (in leather, in various colors, Swarovski crystals …).But it is also a smart device by whichyou can control some of the functions of the smartphone.

The communication between the clock and the smartphone is by Bluetooth, reason why it is interrupted if we move them more than 10 meters.They are compatible with any Android phone and ensure that you have a variety of apps. These include:

Control the music: play and pause the songs of the mobile using the smartwatch.

Control the camera: to make a photo in which you leave you no longer need a timer, but the clock is used to control both the previous image and the shot.

Control the calls: you can not speak for the clock (it has nomicrophoneor speaker), but can be used as a hands-free. If you’re meeting and someone calls you, you can mute the phone or reject the call using the smartwatch controls.

The price of Sony’s smartwatch is high:between 100 and 150 euros, rising as we are more or less exquisite with its strap and decoration (the model with Swarovski crystals costs 250 euros).

More than a device of indisputable utility, this isa curious gadgetand flirtatious. This is the present of the intelligent clock, what will the future be? At the moment it seems that Apple and Samsung have much to say about it.