Prices Nokia Lumia 1020 with Amena

Nokia Lumia 1020 joined today as most outstanding novelty for the month of November to the catalogue of smartphones Amena in which little by little are seeing as LTE-compatible devices offer is strengthened after learning that low cost Orange brand also would have compatible with 4G rates.

Highlight the Lumia 1020 Nokia above all for having one of the best cameras on the market thanks among other things to the technology PureView and its 41 megapixel While the rest of the specifications are at the height of meet the majority of requirements.

Nokia Lumia 1020 comes to Orange in black color with payment to deadlines for 19 euros (VAT included) for 24 months but not retention rate and therefore without penalty in case of low early. Then we leave you with all the details of what you will end up paying really taking into account the VAT both in down payment and the monthly installments including the terminal and the service.

Besides in Amena, Nokia Lumia 1020 also can be found in Movistar and Vodafone with prices that, as I detail in full according to the conditions of each operator and which now want to extract some of the most common options for compare with Amena: