Prima Classe Alviero Martini

Print that recalls the world’s most desirable destinations is instantly recognizable, so daessere become in a few years a cult object that contaminates bags as accessories: scarves, key chains, wallets, diaries and so on and so forth. All with one recurring theme, the reason “Geo”. It ‘clear that only speak of “world”, and accessories in the same sentence may refer only to the brand 1A Classe Alviero Martini, who succeeded in the difficult business to propose such a theme “cumbersome” season after season, collection after collection and above all accessory after accessory, in an endless parade of objects without ever becoming boring or tedious.

Perfect to have a portion of the globe always with us and imagine romantic heroines of itineraries off the beaten somewhere, the new collection 2010 of Class 1A Alviero Martini flagship bags all about color.Purple and pink in particular are the colors chosen by the brand for maxiborse ideal for the sea and more generally for the needs of next summer, PVC networks, scarves instead of the handles and above the legendary Geo press then do the rest , contributing once again to make the collections of famous brand a hymn to convenience yet an example of ‘elegance with which the brand over the years has spoiled us. a collection dedicated to free spirits, those who daydream distant destinations, and beautiful scenery, and who feel the need to have large bags that can hold everything you need, in cities like maybe traveling in some kind of exotic country.