Proper Care of Shoes

Do you love shoes? We also! And that’s why we want the shoes to last a long time-after all, each pair is something special. So that your favorite couple will keep their good looks for a long time, you should consider a few important care tips …

Do you have the right shoe for every look and still can not get enough? Can we understand well.Nevertheless, there are always one or two pairs of shoes, which we especially like to wear. And we should also take care of them very well. Here are maintenance tips for shoes.

Your shoe has become dirty? First, free it from the coarse dirt with a brush or a damp cloth. For stubborn dirt, you can also use vinegar water or cleaning benzine. Leather shoes should then be treated with a special impregnation spray. This protects the shoe from dirt, moisture and other stains.

Get into a rain shower and get wet feet? Immediately peel the shoes at home with newspaper paper that absorbs the moisture. Do not put the shoes on the heater to dry. The heating air makes the leather cracking and brittle. After drying, creme the shoes with shoe polish and polish the cream carefully with a clean cloth, which makes the leather supple again.

Shoe tensioners and boot clamps help to shape your shoes properly. Even folds can be smoothed by these helper. You can also use a sling-rack for shoe-raising. This is not only more comfortable, but also makes the shoe look good longer.

Do not leave the wrong ending, especially with high-quality shoes. Proper care products make your shoes look beautiful longer, whether it’s velvet pumps, wild leather ballerina boots, artificial leather boots, linen sneaker… enjoy your collection!