Ralph Pucci International Mannequins

Summer, vacation time. By August the gates ready to forcefully invade our days, the holiday time should have arrived almost everyone. You? When you go on vacation? And where? If your travel plan includes the fashionissima New York as a destination, or even as a transition between a place and the other will have the privilege to enjoy an open-air show. It is not really just a fashion show but a kind of static display that shows the scenario of the Broadway musicals and shopping. If during the hunt for a ticket to a play or walking through the windows of the shopping streets you’ll come across the dummies planted there in the middle of the road among the passers-by, do not be surprised.

New York, the city of fashion, the fashion capital, could only talk about fashion, and it still will speak for all of August and until September 6, turning the spotlight on some sort of static en plein air. If you are among the tourists who invade New York in this hot summer, surely you happen to stumble upon the Ralph Pucci in glass fiber mannequins dressed with leaders of some of the most prestigious brands of the fashion system. Including Times Square and Herald Square fact are scattered as many as 32 mannequins “authored” wearing creations by designers made in the USA including Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, the colorful Diane Von Furstenberg, Mickael Kors, Anna Sui, Betsy Johnson, Tommy Hilfiger, Isabel Toledo, and the famous Catherine Malandrino. Initiative at the same time fun and interesting which will culminate in a charity auction at the end of the “parade” period.