Retro Motorcycle Jackets For Every Day

Years ago and with some Honorable exceptions, had very little chance to choose a jacket that take care of appearance of the garments of yesteryear.

However today, almost all manufacturers have in their catalog clothing of this style. We show you some options for all budgets.

In leather, fur, summer, year-round, unisex or masculine and feminine cut… There are many options we have today to get a jacket of classic look that fits both our style and our pocket. It would be impossible to show you all and, therefore, I summarize a short list with those that believe that they are the most representative.

Garibaldi Bullrider Vintage

Garibaldi is a guarantee, thanks to its history of many decades in the elite of clothing for motorcyclists. The Garibaldi Bullrider Vintage is made in genuine Buffalo leather and can be used almost year-round. Very soft to the touch, its recommended retail price is EUR 375.

Garibaldi Internazionale Vintage D3O

Classic look but with modern fabrics, the Italian manufacturer also has the Garibaldi Internazionale Vintage D3O, ideal for use by the summer. Made of polyamide mesh, ventilation is maximum. The recommended retail price is EUR 120.

Hevik Garage

Hevik has an aged appearance jacket called Hevik Garage, very light, with removable lining as well as external treatment of aniline which increases its softness. His most groundbreaking aspect is the price of 289 euros, so it is very affordable and the best in terms of value for money.

Hevik Vintage

As in the case of Garibaldi, Hevik also has a jacket retro but made in so-called tissue Hevik Vintate, specifically in polyester 600, combined with inserts of leather in several points. Your price is 157 euros.

Range of jackets Victory

Although Victory disappeared a few months ago, can pay our tribute to the American brand bringing any of your clothes. In addition and surely that in a few years will be collecting genuine parts, so it can be a great opportunity of buy any model of his latest collection.

Benjamin Button’s Indian collection

Last year Indian threw a very special collection based on clothing that Brad Pitt in Benjamin Button. From a leather jacket to gloves through other Sheepskin jacket. Are not cheap clothes, but they are already part of Indian history as the film.

Indian summer collection

In the absence of knowing what will show us this year the American brand, should be remembered given in address to the time of year that we, the American summer jackets collection. From the model water resistant Frontier through Oscar waxed cotton or the Scout and the 1901, the most retro of all.

Tucano Urbano Straforo

The Tucano Urbano Straforo is made in leather perforated as well as thicker areas at critical points.Removable liner and a design intended to combat the toughest summer days.

Tucano Urbano Pelette

Finally, we highlight two garments designed for the bikers. On the one hand the Tucano Urbano Pelette (there is also male version called the Pel). Made of leather they have backing polyester, reflective inserts and multiple possibilities of regulation. The price is located at 299 euros.

ICON Tuscadero 1000

Although he is not a feminine vintage clothing as we understand it, the ICON Tuscadero 1000 takes us to the universe neo-punk of cult films such as Blade Runner, Akira, Mad Max, etc. Made of high tenacity nylon, your design does not renounce to anything and is those clothes that you love them or hate them, without half-measures. Its price is 265 euros.