Rings For 2017: 10 Reasons to Love Your Hands

Fantasy rings will be included in the new season, but do not be afraid, since this type of jewelry has been in our lives for a long time, the only difference is that this time it is sure to use them correctly. The ability to wear jewelry or create a unique look with elegant rings, is an independent science. It’s important that you do not feel the need to use global trends and that you want to stand out from the crowd, it’s all about feeling your natural flavor.

  1. These are not “rings for fingers”, but “fingers for rings”:

Your hands should look tender and subtle, as this is the first major rule for the new season of 2016 and 2017, which is why you should highlight your hands with large rings and that are very fashionable, can even come from collections Of 2015. You can wear rings on all your fingers or wear a multi-ring, since almost all designers used this trend in their collections for the fall-winter season.

You can find these styles among the rings of the collections of Alexis Mabille, Oscar de la Renta, Bottega Veneta, Dries Van Noten, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

  1. Combination of expensive jewelry and costume jewelery:

If you wish, you can easily combine expensive jewelry and costume jewelry in one look. All you need to remember is that they should have the same style and if you can, also pay attention to the color palette. After all, the most well-known and expensive contemporary brands produce jewelery collections. The main thing is not to exaggerate with such elegance.

Combination Rules:

– Gold can be combined with metals that are imitating platinum or bronze;
Diamonds are very easy to combine with jade or turquoise;

– If the selected jewelery has gemstone inserts, they must be the same size;

– It is also strictly forbidden to use gold and plastic together.

  1. Precious Metals:

If you do not have large rings made of unusual materials, like plastic or wood, do not torture yourself.

After all, jewelry made with natural metals will never go out of style.

During the day is the best period to wear rings.By 2017 you should also pay attention to jewelry made of silver decorated with semi precious stones.You can find some fashionable pieces at the Nammu online store:

They can easily be combined with a formal dress or cocktail dress.

Most silver rings are suitable for girls with blonde and dark hair for winter and summer.

  1. Precious and semi-precious stones:

And we certainly have to address the subject of stones once again during 2017. In the new year we have to look for rings with semiprecious stones (opal, turquoise, jasper, rock crystal), rhinestones and pearls.

  1. Geometry:

Geometry is present in absolutely all jewelry pieces. This trend has already received a status of “priority” .The larger the geometric jewelry size, the better.

  1. Boho Style:

Boho rings made of gold with stones and crystals will be the perfect choice for lovers of ethnic style. The main focus is on unusual big geometric shapes, just like in 2016. You can also use original sets of rings for 4 or 5 fingers, but they should not be thin rings, they should be large.

For the boho theme it is advisable to add large rings with animal shapes and with a lot of stones .In addition, rings of strange shapes with colors like (blue, turquoise, red and silver) will be a great trend.

  1. Retro and vintage style:

Rings in retro and vintage styles are going to be very popular.And this, by the way, is a very interesting subject.

Vintage engagement rings will be a trend in late 2016 and throughout 2017. Click for tuitear

The real vintage rings are from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

But it is worth remembering that any piece, and especially jewelry, carries its energy and history.

So if you decide to choose a vintage engagement ring from an old-fashioned owner, you should make sure your love had a happy story.

  1. Rings with pearls:

One of the favorite “gemstones” for the new season are pearls. Twin rings are the perfect choice, as these rings are ideal for business looks.

You could say that jewelry with pearls are a safe bet as they are suitable for almost all women, regardless of age and skin color.

  1. Unusual Eco-rings with plants:

The rings with small plants have a very beautiful shape, and best of all, the plants can be transplanted carefully to a permanent place, such as a pot.It is the perfect complement to a wedding or party.In fact, if you’re just a big fan of unusual jewelry and nature, you can use it anytime of the day.

  1. Rules of use for the rings during the fall-winter of 2016-2017:
  2. If you are going to add a rather extravagant and shiny ring to your look, then you should only use one;
  3. Rings that have a complex shape and a strong color should be worn with single-colored clothing;
  4. Remember, if you wear a huge ring, the bracelet should be less noticeable.

Rings are one of the most popular female adornments.This universal love and respect was gained through a variety of interesting options, style solutions, metals, materials and methods of elaboration.The rings of today are becoming one of the keys in the world of accessories.