Risks of Fake Sunglasses

Has it happened to you to get to the beach and realize that you do not have your sunglasses on you? And what do you do then? He probably walks into the nearest beach shop or passes a street vendor and buys fake sunglasses.

Whether they have well-known brand logos and design templates, prices are cheap and the quality of glasses and lenses is proportional to the price!

In the dark, our pupils dilate and this causes them to be able to receive more radiation so that we can see better. Therefore, it is essential that sunglasses protect against UV radiation. 
With fake sunglasses, our pupils dilate because we have the lenses that darken the image, but we are not protected from the sun’s rays. That is, they end up being worse than being without sunglasses, because without glasses, the pupils do not dilate! 
Now that you know a little more about how your eyes work with sunglasses and exposure to the sun’s rays, be more careful with the glasses you buy. 
Always opt for real glasses that have quality lenses to protect you from the sun and UV rays according to ProzipCodes.

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