Roger Dubuis: New Watches for Divas

The “Velvet Couture mink fur” by Roger Dubuis with a bracelet from fur.

A bracelet made of mink, one another, which is covered with a silk stocking reminiscent of a corset. This provided the dials with sparkling diamonds and large Roman numerals. The three new watches of Swiss manufacture of Roger Dubuis are anything else than usual – and only thanks to a function of change of begin everyday use.

“Velvet Haute Couture” is the new collection of watches by Roger Dubuis, which consists of three limited edition models. The watches – equipped with high-quality automatic movement – to underline each “a striking facet of the Diva”.

“Velvet Mink Fur Couture” by Roger Dubuis: Bracelet Made of Fur

The most striking and most expensive model in the collection is called “Mink Fur” and is equipped with a bracelet of black mink. The fur comes from the home of the famous fur trader and fashion maker Daniel Benjamin Geneva. Caution when washing your hands is little good let provided – a wet fur on the wrist is bathing. And a mink is not always suitable. In the face of this but limited practicality, Roger Dubuis provides a second black alligator leather strap. But as the sparkling watch remains a model for the divas presence and not for everyday office life.

496 Diamonds Glitter to the Bet

The 36-millimetre case of the “mink fur”, made of barrel – and circular form in a mixture consists of white gold. Dial, bezel, lugs and clasp decorated with 496 pave set Brillants (total 4.34 carats). The Roman indices of gold are applied by hand and taper towards the Middle, which suggests a certain depth. Yet the jewelry watch is not only a noble appearance: in her works an automatic movement caliber RD821.

“Corsetry” – Lace Corset on the wrist

This automatic caliber beats in the two other models, the “Velvet High Couture Collection”, “Corsetry” and “Embroidery”. And also the body shape and size are the same. The overall impression differs significantly. “” Corsetry”caused with her laced, reminiscent of a corset strap Black Lace and pink leather sensation. The housing is made of Rose gold. The barrel-shaped interior of the dial is decorated 162 diamonds. Bezel and lugs are also covered in diamonds. To change a rose-colored leather strap is included.

“Embroidery” Roger Dubuis Womens watch

Roger Dubuis has designed the “embroidery” ladies watch for ladies with a penchant for fishnet stockings. Posamentieren (embroidery) is an ancient art of textile Decorating. A delicate silk grid pattern in dark grey is set out like a sock over the beige bracelet. The housing is made of Rose gold bezel and lugs are decorated with brilliant-cut diamonds with a total of 1.66 carats; The dial is grey and rhuteniert. The middle section is brushed and is framed by the large Roman numerals in Rose gold. Even when the “embroidery”, Roger Dubuis has thought of a removable wrist: it is taupefarbenem alligator leather.

Prices of the new women’s watches by Roger Dubuis

The “embroidery” costs 37.700 euros, the “Corsetry” 43,500 euros and the “mink fur” 82.200 euro. The three models are the “Velvet High Couture” collection of Roger Dubuis each limited edition of 88 specimens.

About Roger Dubuis

Roger Dubuis belongs to the younger Swiss watch manufacturers, was founded in 1995. Special: The company is the only manufacturer, in which all movements carry the “Geneva seal” and thus certain quality criteria have.