See the Tips for Choosing the Best Type of BRA

For some women, it is the enemy of comfort. For others, it’s fashion piece that completes the look.  Choose the bra with adjustable straps for the body means opt not only by the pattern and the fabric, but also by the template that gives firmness, never hurt and even gets off on her breasts.

Types of BRA

You know that the ideal piece picked out when the lingeie is firmly in the right place, values its attributes of women and, especially, hide what should not appear. Select the best model is important not only for comfort, but also by the composition with the rest of the clothes.

Despite having a similar base modeling and you think that everything stays the same, each brand has the differential and is produced for your breasts of different types. See below which one is good for you.

A half-cup

Ideal for those who want comfort and appreciation the neckline’s, demitasse has anatomical format and covers only a part of the breasts, projecting them forward. In addition, your support with aro holds my breasts. The template is indicated for women with small and medium-sized breasts.


The difference for the first is at the neckline more dug and straight. The balconê handles are farther away from the Center and has medium to large side. Relative of the corset, raises even more modeling the breasts and let them very evidenced. Its use is recommended for small and medium-sized busts, but firm, do you need the support of the rims high half-cup.

Total coverage

Indicated for women with big breasts and heavy, the BRA full coverage embraces the breast , without taking the comfort, giving firmness and support.


Has wider side and usually has silicone application not to slip the skin. Its advantage is the absence of handles, so it is suitable for women with no breasts too heavy.

Push up

If you want to increase the volume of the breasts together and up, this is the template for you. Has short distance between cups, comes with RIM and bulges. The side handles medium-sized or large guarantee good bust support.


The template is suitable for any size of breast, offering good support. The handles make the Y format on the back to take the weight off your shoulders. It is ideal for women who like comfort and using blouses more dug.

With Kos

With an extra fabric below the rim, this forms a sort of BRA top, which provides support and firmness for women with big breasts, fat or flabby sides.