Selection Guide Coat (or Hangers)

A problem common to all homes is that the space is never enough. Of any size is our home, the more it is populated by people and objects, plus the space starts to run low. Especially the space to put in place clothing items, bags, to give an impression of order and general cleaning for our guests.

Additional space-saving furniture, or element that allows little space to provide accommodation for small items of daily use, is the jacket hanger.

For its exceptional functionality, the hangers can be considered an “evergreen furnishing”, capable of crossing all styles, from classical to modern, confirming its extremely useful in every corner of the house.

The tradition has taught us to place a useful hanger in the hall, to get rid of jackets and bags upon entering the house; the hanger is indispensable in the room and bedroom, to give children and adults the chance to keep on hand the usual garments like pajamas, dressing gowns… and collect them in a corner and maintaining the general order.

Nell’arredo the modern hanger enters also in the lounge / living room: a design hanger, original and of great value, so expertly combine its practical function with its obvious aesthetic value.

Given the practicality of this supplement and its adaptability to every room of the house, the market offers a wide range of types to choose from.

One of the more traditional types is that of the ground coat hanger.

What in jargon is called “dead man” is in the more traditional versions made of wood, or for modern furnishing lovers can opt for hanger in resin earth, from the most original forms and highly decorative.

Usually this type of hanger is suitable to be adapted to the inputs or in a corner living room and bedroom, as design objects to be admired.

Still less cumbersome is the type of coat hooks.

Due to favorable mechanisms of posters on walls, wooden structures or modern resins, hooks are mounted and wall on which to hang clothes, bags …

Playing with shapes, colors and materials, which are manufactured these accessories, it is possible to adapt them as inputs, which in salons to bedrooms.

If then hooks and sconces are mounted on the mirror, the end result is a piece of furniture in a very modern style.

The mirror hanger is the ideal combination of the practical function of keeping the house in order, and the decorative-ornamental function.

This type of hanger lends itself to complete the scene and make it warm and welcoming large rooms and dedicated hospitality as halls and living rooms.

There are also on the market for design hanger which resemble real sculptures, can give great personality and prestige to the corners of our house to put in relief.

The privileged backgrounds to exhibit these works of art are: lounge / living room and bedroom.

A design hanger is a piece of furniture that in any area is exposed makes the difference, in terms of quality and elegance.

A supplement created for the hosts more demanding in terms of style.