Selling Your Used Clothing

After desentulhar your closet, one of the things you can do with the parts that are still in good condition to sell.

Particularly, I’d rather donate directly to who will use or to thrift stores to donate the money raised with sales for any institution, but I understand the difficulty of simply letting go of pieces involving a larger investment. In this case, you can organize bazaars(just between friends or open to the public), create a blog and spreading out among acquaintances, enjoy Facebook groups or register in any site or application that proposes to broker the sale.

Even if you can’t get much of the money spent, you can still get some change-especially if your Cabinet does not have to go through a good issue for years and/or you have some complex of Becky Bloom and the volume of parts being sold is considerable according to WRITINGLES.COM.

Well, the Sick attracted a big audience in recent years, thanks to partnerships with bloggers like Julia Petit. The site provides a Commission of 20% and a listing fee of R$2,15, which are only charged if the product is sold, in addition to optional shipping insurance. They even made a super cool video tutorial on how to take good pictures of the pieces. Take a look:

Already the Detachment(discontinued) is more direct and charges only a 17% service charge and seems very well organized, though not enjoy so much weight and partnerships most users don’t have as much affection on performance of the pieces as the sellers of the Sick. The site also has a video tutorial, explaining how the site/how to sell their products there.

Before deciding which means it’s going to be worth it anymore, considering the value of the pieces, it’s nice to study properly the costs and the risks involved in each option(organize a bazaar can result in local costs, rentals of macaws, groceries etc., sales by Facebook and blogs do not involve costs, but involve risks, since the sites charge commissions and service fees).

Don’t use this money for refilling the wardrobe with pieces that don’t make any sense in your life, huh?