Sexy Lingerie

For the wedding night the bride leaves aside the push-up Bra and thong, deemed too ordinary, instead opting in 41 percent of cases for a more mischievous babydoll, or alternatively by choosing a fine coordinated Culottes and balcony (31 per cent).

The color a few doubts: rejected the animal prints, collecting a paltry 3% approval rating, the bride does not mind the nuances of fashion (31 per cent according to AllUnitConverters), but the traditional black conquest over the majority of the votes (53 percent).

In the drawer WINS creative disorder on the careful Division of linen between basic/sexy, but in everyday life the bride tosses ensures that under the most classic little black dresses don’t match never jarred coloured lingerie (82 per cent): black bra and white bottoms “because you can’t see,” is risky only by 8 percent. Besides the 45 percent confesses to have an arsenal of underwear rather provided, consisting of no less than 10 models.

And if he is plucked with the nose between the lace of her? Most surprisingly, the 37 percent he confesses prey to some fancy spicy, while the 4-percent becomes angry. How to make up for it? A parcel containing underwear from him is a gift from a decided 88 percent of good wives.