SKINS Compression Clothing for Sport in the Test

With branded SKINS got 2013 for the first first time the Garmin GPS experience in contact. That was random but rather as the brothers of Camus, which had also invited Garmin as experienced trail runners to the event, sponsored by the manufacturer for compression garments.Recently SKINS now on me came to introduce their products.

SKINS specialises in compression garments and exports since 1996 from Australia. The body shaped high-performance clothing has gradient compressionwhich improves performance in training and competition and the recovery to accelerate.

To test that has SKINS me A400 men’s power shorts, as well as a few Essentials men’s active compression socks provided. In my 190 cm and slim 75 kg pants size M is already quite closely, what is of course due to the compression. In addition, the 420 d memory MX fabric offers a higher level of compression than other A400 article. I chose the socks in size S. An easy to understand size table, offers on its product pages by the way SKINS at his pants, and even a size calculator. You can easily find the right size.

The socks are, in contrast to my CEP trekking compression socks, relatively easily attracted and sit very comfortably. They could, for my long legs, however, a tick be higher so that they would be enough to just under the knee. When running, the socks on the first kilometre slide down almost always down to the ankles. After the renewed, but then hold over the entire distance. I like even better adhesion through perspiration. In a contest that can be very inconvenient and annoying. Here you should run properly warm before the start in any case, to make sure that the socks no longer slip after the start.

Also in the A400 power shorts one slips into it quite easily. It is in there first, it is tight on the thighs and belly, total some getting used to but not unpleasant. The leg goes up to about the mid-thighs, so the A400 power shorts blends between a half tights and shorts. The flexible, molded step area provides the necessary comfort. On the back, a simple little bag is located in the Federal Government, which does not have a zipper, or its coverage in any kind. Here some care has to, that you will not lose E.g. the car keys.

What brings this compression now? According to the manufacturer, the clothing provides the following benefits:

  • proven improvement of blood circulation
  • targeted support stabilizes calf muscles, reduces muscle weakness and the risk of injury (Socks)
  • maximizes explosive power for increased strength and speed (power shorts)
  • protects from injury (power shorts) hip and leg muscles
  • more power and faster recovery (power shorts and Socks)

OK, and what about that now in practice? Hard to say. As amateur athletes, if also more ambitious, my performance is dependent on still very strongly the current training stint and the form of the day. The parts were tested together in runs between 10 and 15 km. I could not determine a noticeable performance improvement, and I have problems such as cramps or injury anyway only rarely. Also a faster regeneration phase is more difficult to make for me, maybe the legs were times slightly less heavy than usual on the day after.


For hobby runners, even if they are ambitious athletes, the theme performance through compression is more likely to neglect. The noticeable increase in performance, stability, or recreation is rather marginal and almost negligible (out of my personal subjective experience). That is probably different with performance and professional athletes who train more than an hour. Here, the specialist compression garments can certainly help one or the other to a new record.
At a cost of 90 euros for A400 power shorts, as well as 40 Euro for a few essentials active compression socks, one must ask therefore whether a possible minimal performance gain and the pleasant wearing comfort is worth so much one are.

The SKINS clothing more tests there in the runners blog and FIT for LIFE. You can find information about the brand and the entire SKINS collection under

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