Smartwool Phd Running Clothing Made from Finest Certified Merino Wool

Summer is here and the sweat flows freely, cooling is needed. Seen sportswear from SmartWool is prepared perfectly against overheating. Moment. Merino Wool in the summer? Right! The Merino specialists from the United States, make their PhD runningcollection shirts, shorts and skorts before, providing more well-being in endurance sports – warm in the winter and cooling in summer throughout the year.

No other fiber – whether natural or synthetic – Merino Wool is comparable with SmartWool: Is soft, light, skin-friendly, odorless, has a natural UV protection, and provides a unique moisture management and temperature control. All benefits of Merino SmartWool uses the lightweight Running Shirts – and combines it with the quick drying and adherence of polyamide fibres. The crews and zips are made of this fibre mix (with 79% Merino share) in technical “seamless” style. There is also no seams to the hull that can break during long runs. The special knit allows the targeted training of stretch and ventilation zones – where required by the physiology of the body (sweaty).

Also the super lightweight Run Shorts and skorts points with a comfortable, hypoallergenic Merino liners with ventilation zones, which is also without disturbing seams. Material: 79% Merino, 18% nylon, 3% elastane. The actual short outside is 100% recycled polyester. The sporty, feminine Skort has a longer cut boyshort as liner.

If running things then once needed a wash after many kilometers: SmartWool PhD Runningbekleidung is easy to care for and easily at 30 ° C machine washable.


SmartWool has a test pattern of the PhD run short long me kindly, as well as a few PhD socks available set (PhD stands for”Performance of the highest Degree”, by the way). At current temperatures I could test (and I’m really strong sweating during exercise) the new collection in the sweat-inducing events.
The pants will be, thanks to inner pants with ventilation zones and breathable outdoor trousers, very pleasant and airy on the skin. By scratch on wool no trace. The DrawString in the waist, however, ensures a perfect fit. The ventilation works itself very well, but will not prevent that with me, the grey outdoor trousers by profuse sweating quite dark on the buttocks and in the step. That might look then been even slightly embarrassed.
Otherwise, the PhD Run Short still has a zip pocket on the buttocks where little things such as keys or some cash have place.

Shirts, shorts, and skorts PhD running are available from 69.95 up 99.95 euro for example in the online shop of mountain loverscollection. There is more information about SmartWool under