Socks with Sandals Yes or No?

Not be if called trend or counter-trend. To my truth is that it is one of those things that has always horripilado me and that I have never understood, although as with everything, there are nuances, and over the years you learn that fashion is hardly ever question of logic because but it would be too boring.

About sandals with wool sock, I said in his day, even though to work Christopher Bailey for Burberry Prorsum, I am not convinced at all, and not because they contradict the laws of common sense, or what is the same, in the summer covered in winter and uncovered foot for climatic reasons, but because aesthetically, I also think ugly (that of the boots in the summer if I like).

Something different are non-sandals and shoes that are carried with skirt and not trousers, hence the idea because I like more, but always theoretically. That Yes, never would do with Executive type socks as he does Ashley Tisdale. It seems tremendous. Best with maryjanes and sock long medium type, but always being careful not to cross the border between the child and the vulgar.