Special Dresses: Summer

Hot flashes, the embarrassment and the heavy days, have come to stay: the summer is around the corner and the best way of tackling it, stylistically speaking, is filling the Cabinet of dresses. No doubt it is leave the complex at home and go from pants, no matter if you are high, low, thin or plump, because this is the garment of a thousand faces. There are for all tastes.

Ethnic type of cut tunic and caftan, usually in white and with colorful embroidery, are suitable for all the silhouettes. Fresh and summery one hundred percent like these that I present of Antik Batik.

This French brand has gems among his designs.

This latest model in Fuchsia, shirt, but embellished with fringed, is original, versatile (the same you so you can put to work at night) and perfect to wear moreno.

Diesel What more and better exports are his clothes in Denim.

While American Apparel is the paradise of the dresses looks trendsetters and the famous lovers t-shirt.

It was last year, and this summer does not give truce: is the easiest in the world.

What I say of this proposal type body what surely have seen you Chloë Sevigny, Alexa Chung or Gala Gonzalez?

The specialty of this American chain are sporty type dresses and the ballet inspiration is one of my favorites.

Kookai It is one of the bastions of French street design, and their dresses are romantic and Bohemian aires. A perfect choice for the more classical or special occasions.

But for fashion street and an endless catalogue of possibilities, our Bershka and its thousand and one models for less than 30 euros. A mine. The striped resists me, but I hope that he is waiting for me in sales & #8230;

Fairly It is another firms to pull in Spain. And I ask this green dress of type lencero. Since it does not me to Stella McCartney, will have to settle & #8230;

Although viewing options like this of Zadig & Voltaire, do me not need.

In Mango, also always the options are many, and it gives that we look for a newspaper, that dress to go out and party, that for wedding. We will always find something, and among my top ten for this summer, I’ll stick with the model of linen and flowers.

Although to the stalwarts of the Flower print, the best of the bets Topshop.

Half way between the retro and the eighties, the dresses are their main trump card.