Sports Bras

Every day more women adopt healthy lifestyle habits and, in addition to a balanced diet, include sport in their daily lives.However, often don’t pay attention to the basic clothing so that physical activity does not precisely what they are trying to avoid: health problems. It’s the sports bra, a cornerstone when performing exercise.

Many women used to make sport the same clips that lead to his normal life, and others who do opt for a sporty model, only set in your beautiful design or their striking colors; an error, since to ensure the health, it is necessary to devote time to choose models that adapt perfectly to the female anatomy and the type and intensity of physical activity practiced.And that is not just a sport in which occur continuously jumps, such as basketball, than other like Pilates, based on gentle movements without hardly explosiveness, but much more sustained over time.

The female breast just fastening and has more uncontrolled mobility than any other part of the body, a circumstance compounded when practice sports, already low, medium or high impact. For this reason, the main functions having this garment are providing this much needed subject to any type of activity, protect the chest of damaging movements, and avoid the impact of physical exercise.

Today, technology and research applied to the sport have achieved there is a wide variety of fasteners sports adapted to all requirements. Noemí Rabinal, Running & Training women adidasproduct manager, explains the main characteristics of these items: “They have ergonomic designs that protect the chest adapting to the figure, and the tops are reinforced to maintain muscle tone even in moments of high impact, helping the recovery of the same”. In addition, it adds that “settings provide maximum grip and freedom of movement thanks to adjustable cross straps and openings in the back in the form of a butterfly, that enhance the Elimination of sweat and ventilation”.

A Proper Sports Bra Prevents Injuries

Choose the BRA more suitable sports from computerminus for every woman model allows avoid injury, since it offers support for the type of activity and the female anatomy. The natural subject of the chest is based on your own skin and ligaments of Cooper, and if appropriate sports bra is not used, these have an extra work for which are not prepared and may break. This is not a temporary problem, since these ligaments do not regenerate. In addition, although there is a rupture, lose effectiveness when they have excessive work, which makes forward natural breast fall that occurs with the passage of time.

Another of the common injuries to women who, either they did not use a sports bra, or they took one inappropriate, they are the macronecrosis, i.e. the apoptosis of small parts of the internal tissues. In addition, the impacts by the movement which are received while the sport may cause other small internal injuries, both in the nervous system and in the lymphatic or the vascular.

On the other hand, do not feel comfortable making a sporting activity because of the movement of the chest makes a woman, unconscious, to modify the exercise trying to improve that discomfort. Thus force posture and routines may involve risks, both muscle as at the level of the joint. For example, if it is practicing running and is not at ease, it is likely to form run to minimize the inconvenience, is change what can end up resulting in sprains or strains.

It is clear that the subject is essential to prevent injury, but that smaller which is due is not arranged with a bra one size sports. This can lead to other problems such as ischemia, i.e., decrease in blood flow in any part of the body in transient way, or even permanent, in addition to other pathologies such as hypertrophy of breast, cervical or lumbar problems, or known as “the runner’s nipple”, which is an irritation of the nipple that produces a pain similar to the friction with a burn.

All these health risks increase as they pass years, since muscles lose strength and faced much worse aggressions and tensions.