Spring-Summer Dresses: House of Dereon

Taking advantage of Hurricane reef Beyoncé passing through Spain, I’ve been on the web of the clothing firm qe shares with his mother Lady, House of Dereon, to take a look at your Lookbook of Spring-Summer 2009. And the truth is that in place scare me (which is what I thought I was going to pass), I have encountered a series of quite appetizing dresses.

Far from conform to the somewhat irregular they do, as far as taste is concerned, of the Texan singer, the best of their designers of header has managed it to translate perfectly into your own designs; Some are something passed, but others are a cross between Valentino and Elie Saab, Cavalli, Versace, always with a southern touch. That Yes.

Don’t tell me that it is not beautiful for example the Green gown water on the left. Or white with halter neck. And even the color cherry and cutting Empire.

What is clear is that Beyonce (well, his mother, who is the who knows fabrics, needles and patterns) does not invent anything new but to “copy” the trends that triumph among the celebrities on the best network carpets.

But the truth is that it makes it quite rightly: this first dress asymmetric blue It is my favorite above all.

And here you have also the promotional video of the shooting of the campaign.

In view of this series of correct proposals (that green acid in Greco-Roman plan is beautiful and reminds me of Rodarte Natalie Portman at the Oscars), do you deserve a? vote of confidence in the world of the beleaguered on the Red sheid fashion Beyonce Knowles?