Spring-Summer Dresses: the Cleavage Is Neck or Halter

Comprobábamos it yesterday on the occasion of the MTV Movie Awards 2009: this spring/summer, take the neckline or halter neck dresses. Miley Cyrus and Whitney Port gambled by two different-style designs, but with a common denominator: the way in which their dresses fit neck.

Personally never it excited me this option, but it is a type of cut that serves as a trick to increase o hide the bust, depends on whether it is draped and falling, or closed and v reversed.

What does always is to highlight good shoulders and arms, if it is that we are prepared to show.

In Mango they have several options very sexy, very 1990s, plan with flight or silhouette tube bustier dresses.

Of ASOs I prefer the versions of the tips, in fifty wave.

Or this one, from Patrizia Pepe, ideal for a special occasion.

This type of pattern gets excited to Paris Hilton, here in version sophisticated with an original model of closed neckline and halter v neck.

That version draped and night you adore, among others, Claire Danes y Emmy Rossum.

And that also feels special weakness Kate Moss, always including this type of neckline dresses in their collections.

All can boast a more or less suitable for being exhibited torso.

Because the neck or halter neckline, if you like, because not exciting at all, which is a very feminine touch to the Marilyn Monroe…

And it is this, was one of his hallmarks.