Spring-Summer Dresses

An of the garments more comfortable, versatile and feminine that a woman can have in her wardrobe, is the dress. And it is far from having to think about what to wear what dress, in all its versions gives you the freedom to worry about only shoes and bag.

Above all in spring and summer, when there are plenty of jackets, socks and the cardigans. That is why today I bring you a selection of day dresses for this Spring-Summer 2009, major brands or stores lowcost.

A showcase within the reach of all, that dream dress are already that I would buy if it were rich, and if you are of the pants year-round, safe that you fancy to take away them & #8230;.

To not stick only to the stores that we have more hand (those to which we all at least once a week), a different, easy, fast and comfortable alternative is internet, and Asos is one of the best websites of the network to buy clothes: just a click and five euros for shipping so that you reach your case dressed like in these photos. Of floral print, Bohemian cut and never exceed 50 euros.

It is impossible to decirdirse by one single, the catalogue is infinite, Although I I’ve infatuated with this: is it not beautiful?

Signatures as Fred Perry not have never called my attention, quite the opposite, but since it combines forces with avant-garde designers like Raf Simons or Ann-Sofie Back, look at it with different eyes.

The model of electric, entalladisimo, cool and short blue dot that I show here, I think the following ideal.

Diesel He specializes in jeans, and now that returns the fever of the denim, what best to do with dresses like these, in version batin-based classic rude cowboy, or plan less hot, in dyed synthetic tejano.

Antik Batik It is a brand that I love, very etiica but with a French touch, and his specialty are the robes or the caftan printed colorful and multicultural dyes such as these which I propose.

Kookaï It is another of the classic made in France that moves away from crowds and fads (his style is almost always the same): their prices are not those of Zara, but they are not exaggerated for the quality offered.

This, as all previous signatures, you can also buy them at Asos ehuzhou.

For popular stores, Mango, that renews its repertoire of dresses almost every week, so it is difficult not to find one that fits our needs: in wave this spring/summer is leading, the Paisley, flowers, garish colors or pastels; boho, the ladylike and pin-up are the order of the day.

Pulled dresses are easy to carry, but we you other and dare with the ultra-femeninos Aires, the gathers in the chest, and cutting 50 but in minimal version: There is nothing more flattering and it is in your hand not to fall into the ñoño or too romantic hand of righteous supplements.

Topshop, Certainly, the chain reigns in this genre.