Steampunk Jewelry: Victorian Cyberpunk

I had already told you about the history of precious stones, metals and other jewelry materials.I even talked about all the latest trends and about the antique jewelry we still use today.But now I want to tell you about an unusual style, which is in modernity and captured the new styles in wedding fashion.The designers created steampunk jewelry, so that we stand out from the crowd.

History, philosophy and inspiration:

Steampunk culture is a special world, since the products of this culture appear more than anything in science fiction . Steampunk appreciated for the first time in the era of capitalism, so jewelry and jewelry are specific, but they are no less attractive. It seems that the first designers of the steampunk were inspired by the novels of Jules Verne and Herbert Wells, whose works have become the origins of this subculture.

One of the main ideas of steampunk philosophy is the low essence of humanity , so you will see lust, envy and vanity in jewelry. Steampunk is also a peculiar expression of ancient futurism and although it is a little strange, this style is one of the main trends of antiquity that reaches the jewelry.

The term “steampunk” appeared in the 1990s and from that moment there are opinions that the steampunk concept was more a parody of cyberpunk .Screenwriter Kevin Jeter believes he is the author of that term.Goths, punks, gamers and cyber goths say steampunk is a subculture.

Creation and fabrication:

The typical style of elements of steampunk jewelry are mechanical machines and devices . All the accessories contain relevant elements: gears, copper tubes, levers, among others. All these things are used by designers to make bracelets, rings and necklaces, making jewelry look old, poetic and fashionable.

The materials in general are diverse, so you can find copper and brass with an antique touch. Gold and silver combined with an unusual steampunk design takes on new meaning. And the designers also widely use aluminum and titanium for the manufacture of steampunk jewelry.

Where to buy?:

Each piece of steampunk jewelry is unique, excellent and extravagant.These things are hard to buy at any store, so they are usually made for individual orders.You can wear earrings, pendants, rings, necklaces and much more in this style.

The mechanisms are the perfect aesthetic for steampunk jewelry.

Some examples of this jewelry can be found on the website of Crafty Celts .You can find an excellent selection of jewelry with historical inspiration and handmade in bronze, copper and sterling silver.Most Steampunk jewelry is handmade in bronze and sterling silver.

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Regardless of whether you wear this jewelry or do it, creativity will always be a manifestation of fantasy. Steampunk is for someone who likes to fantasize about fairy tales, magical jewelry, robots and aircraft. Such accessories will also be perfect for the cosplay and fans of the legendary anime series “El Castillo Ambulante”.


Often artists who create Steampunk style jewelry are accused of being kitschy, but the truth is that Steampunk jewelry is a bit strange, interesting and unusual and the most important privileges of this style is its unisexuality and versatility.

Initially, this style was for the male population, but the designers began to make more subtle choices.

Nowadays the steampunk can be combined with business clothes.

At the same time, enthusiasts of steampunk enthusiasts often combine these ornaments with hats, long gloves, skirts, corsets, suits and fur coats.

In other words, everything that was fashionable in the nineteenth century will be a trend today.