Steps to Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

Here are the steps to choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring and here it goes:

(1) Clarity

Choosing the right Diamond , there are 4 things to keep in mind, the famous 4 C’s. The first C is so for clarity, the purity of the diamond. Diamonds are not perfect, but can be small cracks and contain enclosures. Depending on whether one can see these flaws only at 10 x magnification or with the naked eye, the categorization ranging from “flawless” (FL) to going to “gross characteristics’ (P3). An engagement diamond should correspond to at least the quality of VS1, so have no defects discernible to the naked eye.

Steps to Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

(2) Cut

How much a diamond sparkles, depends on its cut. Because depending on the cut meets the diamond light better and really emphasizes its brilliance. There are many forms of touch, including the round brilliant cut, the square princess cut just for rings, drop – or heart touches. There are no limits to creativity, the brilliant cut is considered but ideal shape because it optimized the light.

(3) Colour

Another feature of the diamond: The color. Diamonds are known for their sparkling white colour, but most include a light yellow or brown shades. A diamond is colorless, he is the more valuable. The color is measured in letters, ranging from D (very fine white) Z. When selecting the budget will play as a role, as the selected precious metals. If you prefer something more unusual, can a colored diamond, also called fancy colours considered pulling. They quickly makes an engagement ring, but very expensive: 100,000 diamonds is only a Fancy Diamond.

(4) Carat

It’s not up to the size. Or maybe? The karat number provides information about the weight of the diamond. A carat weighs 0.2 grams. This refers only to the weight, twice karat number is not a twice as large diamonds. It is therefore important to strike the right balance between size and quality. Your jeweler will it advise you.

(5) To play it safe: certificate and warranty

It’s done, the ring is complete! But you shouldn’t take home just so with him. Make sure that they get a certificate for the diamonds on the dimensions and characteristics are accurately registered. This is especially important if you want to insure the stone. Also, you should let issuing a guarantee from their jeweler if adjustments or minor repairs need to be made.

Finally one thing above all is to say: an engagement ring should be unique, as it is your future wife for you. Therefore, you should invest some considerations in the purchase and take not “any” ring. Try to find out what she likes, and find the perfect ring. At, you will find the perfect engagement ring for your personal budget.