Strapless Dresses: Forget the Shoulder Straps

This season dominate the Prom dresses closed as to neckline, sleeveless but minimum opening by many brands. This takes away that there are other possibilities we can choose the strapless dresses o strapless dresses.

All of them dresses short for an event day and different brands to get an idea of different designs ranging from the 29,95 EUR of Zara to the 1.311 euros of Ralph Lauren Black Label.

Dresses in red and orange strapless

The red and the Orange they are two colors that are succeeding in the face to this summer. We see them everywhere and in the dresses they come with the same intensity. Two possibilities for a high price are this orange dress of Halston by 295 euros or the design of Amaya Arzuaga for 180 euros.

The option low cost makes us see this Mango, watermelon in a tone very successful pastel color dress. Dress with a Ribbon at the waist and loose. By 89 euros. We have the smaller version in TopShop in a red minidress effect bandeau with a black ribbon. By 48 lb.

If we look ahead to our season can opt for this new design of Mango his collection fall-winter 2011 / 2012 already can be bought in the form of progress. A metallic design by 59.95 EUR.

The rose in the strapless dresses

The Rosa It is also one of the most oft-repeated colors in their different shades. From Zara we found this short dress with a steering wheel by 29,95 EUR. While just on the opposite side of the budget we are going to a Lanvin timeless in violet for 520 euros.

Nude strapless version

I really like the choice of the nude or of the white color for this season prom dress; I already mentioned it when choosing dresses for graduation. In ASOs We have this neckline dress with black belt and ruffles cross heart by 153,84 euros. While in Hoss Intropia fashion comes in white and a shorter design.

On the part of Adolfo Dominguez I’ll take this short dress in nude that I love thanks to skirt.

A Pokémon party

according to recipesinthebox,A color that brings joy to anyone is the Blue, so it is surprising that this season is being very unsolicited face to a party. I really like the design of Ralph Lauren Black Label with the flying cross; the penalty is the price: 1.311 euros. While with the of Blumarine (465 euros) we can pass more unnoticed thanks to a softer tone in a design pleated Ribbon and tie included.

Black could not miss

The Black I had to be at the selection when choosing a strapless dress. The timeless little black dress appears from Mango in a hint by a neck halter that goes unnoticed. A more tuned for our figure design by 45 euros.