Stussy x Hello Kitty

Stussy and Hello Kitty work together to create a capsule collection which includes many offering delicious T-shirt colorful and imaginative but also various accessories such as clutch bag, key chain and so on. Another double birthday, this time we have the Stussy brand blowing out his first 30 candles and Hello Kitty, as we all know, has reached 35 years. This new capsule collection is fantastic, one of the nicest to tell the truth also is good for everyone, first of all because there is a wide choice and then because in addition to T-shirts are also various accessories and for those there is no age.

Hello Kitty is the cat cutest in the world, and how the brand you know as well as create their own personal lines delights in proposing collaborations, permenenti like that with Chamomile, but also occasional like that with Dr Martens for the 50th anniversary of the brand, and this with Stussy.

The Stussy collection for Hello Kitty can see the full in our photo gallery, we have lots of colorful t-shirts and cute with little drawings of the tender kitten, then we have a bracelet rubber, the clutch in the paint with all the doodles Hello Kitty available in white and in black.

Among the things I most like about this capsule collection we have akeychain with so many charms in which we have both the bullet markers Hello Kitty ones Stussy.