Summer Dresses: the 10 Most Romantic

Twenty new trends come out a month that there will be some fashions that never will be. The romantic style It is one of the latter. The test is the reformulation with the tradition of Valentino nexito in recent years in the hands of Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli. Still in search of a? dress for this summer? Try these 10 romantic dresses. Wedding or cocktail, you choose.

A lacing back

The romantic style may be in the details smaller or a priori unnoticed. Dresses that ahead seem more a short dress in white and that behind leave us one beautiful back with a generous loop. A dress of Bershka by 25,99 EUR.

Covering the knee

Preference for hiding the knees by some designers made dresses to extend a few more centimeters and ending up in this dangerous limit. Dangerous by the visual effect, not pass it too, since better staying flush to go down too much. This dress from Zara complies with or order. For 59.95 euros.

Meanwhile White there are those who prefer a raw white rather than the more clean and alive. Each time an opportunity. Zara It also has another option with lace on a panel with transparency. A vintage style that does not lose the romanticism. By 49,95 EUR.

Short sexy

Those who can and want to show off legs better a dressed in short This summer’s generous hot flashes. A romantic dress in white with a bit of flying and a few lace sleeves leaving to the air part of the shoulders. A very nice detail on the part of Love by 42,42 euros.

Macrame or lace?

The macramé either it goes out of style as detail to give a special touch to short cocktail dress. Large firms cared so much and know that it triumphs. J.Crew He is one of them with this dress as an example. For 630 euros.

The lace It also has its adherents, and in short dresses for weddings, baptisms and communions of the summer commitments can be seen much. As in this dress of ASOs by 37.11 euros.

Pink romance

Today it is easy to go to a store and find different ideas on Pink shades with romantic pleasure. The rose in its wide range of tones as this long dress of Mango with more lace body a tulle panel and a maxifalda of cotton. For 59.99 euros.

This is a less festive but more versatile version dress coral of ASOs with bare shoulders and a very summery style with the printed paisley. By 59,65 euros.

A touch cake

Nothing white? Nothing of colors like pink? And a finished cake but in blue? Kling He has several ideas like this for 19.95 euros.

The alternative printed

If not you are looking for romantic efficacy of white or other very soft pastel colors always can opt for a stamping Special. A detail that distinguishes the dress. As the pattern of Moises Nieto It seems to recreate the courtyards of Andalusian tiles. For 100 euros.