Summer Dresses: the 10 Sexiest Dresses

Sometimes when we talk about a sexy dress, we think in a dress very tight, short and with transparency but none of this should be obligatory to find a sexy dress and elegant. What I like most is to find a very simple dress that enhances the beauty of the female by what becomes a dress very sexy. I teach today the 10 dresses more sexies all collections and not why they are naff.


This simple green dress with a small wheel on the side of the chest, it is a very simple dress and extremely sexy, perfect with a pair of boots for the day and sandals for the night. Its price is 29.95 euros.

This white Ibiza-inspired is also sensational, with a brightly colored leather jacket is sensational. Cuesta 49.94 EUR.

The dresses floral prints or pictures with lace decorations on bass and in the neck area are great to look very sexy and elegant. The price is 39.95 EUR.


The flyers and blue klein they are a wonderful combination. This handle is priced at 49.95 euros.

Luxurious dresses

This simple black dress with a simple full Gets a sexy effect but also extremely new and fine. With Golden accessories you will get a perfect look. It costs 1490 euros and Saint Laurent signs.

Dresses of Herve Leger they are always a guarantee of success, this has a wonderful nude color tone. The price is a little higher from previous, 1285 euros.

You can always opt for a short dress with decorations and black, this is tremendously sexy and sign it Roberto Cavalli and it is priced at 3070 EUR.


Another Blue klein with a spectacular long midi and a transparent sobretela. It is priced at 52 euros.

If we want a cheerful color dress more sexy we can choose one of red color, without doubt one of the colors. If we do not dare choose a duller tone like this Orange 24 euros.


We return to the necklines at the back and white tones, without a doubt one of the necklines sexiest moment. Now many designers opt for them. This is priced at 25.99 euros.