Summer Fashion Beach Wear

In city style. It arrived the heat and we are left in the city. Overcoming the desire to be in a cool place, where even touching the 30 degrees in the shade, you can refresh yourself with a dip in the water, we must remember an important rule: in terms of style, warm does not mean that everything is granted. Especially not in town!

Flip-flops  rubber. Let’s face it, the  Havaianas, are not really suited to the city. According to breathtakingdresses, beach dresses are granted only if you are in unacittadina sea. If you prefer to avoid the heels opting for comfort, choose pretty sandals or ballet flats. Not to forget the platform shoes, definitely  in  for summer 2011.
A sound  not  even for the crocs, the rubber clogs, and boots.

Sarafan. Perfect for the beach but not for the city. Go for light dresses, maybe white (you must reconfirm the summer, as every year), strong colors, floral prints or polka dots. Yes even for long dresses (maxi dress) who depopulated on the catwalks of fashion shows in many well-known designers. No to synthetic fabrics: better to choose cotton or linen.

Hot pants. Yes if worn with casual footwear, combined with a simple tank top or t-shirt, but definitely avoid contacchi spiked dizzying (to avoid even the beach actually).


  1. Prohibited drag their feet while wearing flip-flops.
  2. No to jewelry and costume jewelry.
  3. If you have not had time to sunbathe and do not know how to use the self-tanning avoid them, as this will look like a pumpkin orange!
  4. Replace the classic towel with cotton towels: certainly more comfortable as well ascool.
  5. No to make up on the beach: a better  look  natural.
  6. Yes to improvised combinations of your bikini: certainly better than bra and matching panties.
  7. Sunglasses: fundamental.
  8. For hands and feet choose bright enamels and summer.
  9. Complete your look with beach hats
  10. Do not over use your phone and avoid screaming upon calls.