Summer Is Here, and These Looks Well Us The Show

Desire. That is what happens and what one feels when think of summer. Out on the street with airy clothing, looks with less clothes and dark skin. Summer favors everyone – for what we’re going to cheat – and the? ideas espabilan to come up with new fresh and perfect outfits for the occasion. If yours are still lazy and they don’t want to get down to work, Here are ideas perfect for the first tail of the Sun and heat.

As we have said repeatedly, the miniskirts are the order of the day. And if they occur in woven cowboy better than better. For a formal but casual look, combine it with a black blazer and a sports shoe.

A summer without color, isn’t summer… Why dresses with strong and vivid hues are perfect for this season. And for sample, a button.

Although there is no summer without nuclear white, and the total look at this color always emerge with the rise in temperatures. Dresses, shirts, jackets, jeans… Everything is transformed in this tone.

Waking up the inspiration of blow?