Summer Vintage Wedding in Kassel

“Designed the day how he is the”most beautiful day”for you. Your guests will notice that he is nice for you and that’s the important thing.” According to this motto, Tanja and Robert their wedding celebrated on August 13, 2016 at the castle of Schönefeld, in Kassel.

Tanja has their wedding dresses completely change the top part and thus fulfilled their personal dream of the wedding dress. It has wide support and above consists of very good tip. The belt caresses her Petite figure around her waist like showing on

Also the tailor-made suit by Robert was equipped with lovely details. The red stitching on his sleeves give the outfit the some icing on the cake.

The two for the most part even have designed their wedding reception decoration. There’s so much love and personality in every detail. The reception area was built a wooden pole with signs for orientation. So the guests knew exactly, and for the sweet tooth where the free wedding takes place, where the photobooth: where the candy bar is.

The free wedding took place directly in front of the castle in the Park beautiful field in Kassel. Already in the catchment of the bride, tears in the eyes shot the proud Papa and also the groom could not restrain his emotions at the sight of his bride. At the latest after the bride’s sister has sung, no eye was more dry. Pure goose bumps!

After the free ceremony, a heart made of cloth was traditionally cut and many friends and family members took the two into the arms, to congratulate them on the wedding.

When the Brautpaarshooting left Tanja and Robert the previous day pass in review and focused entirely on himself. Created are wonderful images that reflect their affection and love for one another!

Tanja and Robert organized a mobile food truck for dinner. For the guests there were a wide range of different foods.

About the bride and groom table Tanja Robert fortified and a pennant in the vintage style with the inscription “Just Marshal”. Directly beneath hang a few pictures of the bride and groom. Since bounces our detail-loving heart!

The photos show a Festival of full of emotions, with many tears of joy. We thank you for the insight into a beautiful summer wedding and wish the couple much love for the future!