Sunglasses for Summer 2014

The sunglasses are the must-have accessory par excellence in both winter and summer. A special accessory, which some consider only functional to protect the eyes from sunlight while the majority considers it a real habit to use even in the absence of the sun to give a tone and an ‘air of mystery. For this 2014 summer the trend wants rounded frames with a fondness for oversize measures, or the tip of original and artistic forms and bright colors and shades powerful.

Let’s find out what are the trends for 2014 large oversized sunglasses in this article.


For several seasons they were representing them forcefully, now it’s really got their moment. Round glasses take us back in time to the nostalgic ’90s.


For those who want to have a cat’s eye through the frame of a pair of sunglasses. Very chic yet attention to the shape of the face, are not for everyone.


For those who want a comfortable, lightweight glasses. The frame is thin, transparent or even almost non-existent.


Countless are the extravagant fantasies that are proposed on the sunglasses. The architectural flowers, camouflage, polka dots and optical patterns.

And what you choose for the summer season?