Super High Heel Boots Comfortable

Warm, elegant and comfortable feet! With the arrival of cold temperatures also becomes the perfect excuse to get these precious booties that we had booked in the closet.

They are one of the most special of our looks and more resources to bring us, and it is that with them we can go to the market, for a coffee, to a party or an elegant dinner.

Perhaps its practicality which makes having much success among female feet or her innumerable variety of designs which we won. But, similarly, are prize shoes more top this winter 2016.

But they are all comfortable ankle boots? Possibly not, but today we are presenting one of the brands that brings comfort and high heels in a single concept: Roger Milton.

Yes, Yes, you’ve read! Enjoy this winter’s high heel booties , guaranteeing comfort at your feet is possible and we are going to show you them all!

Roger Milton boots care for their shoe design so put to them, its form adapts perfectly to the shape of your feet.

Your soft leather interior and its cushioned floor provide a feeling silky and spongy that absorbs impacts when walking; and their different models and heel heights get to bring you hundreds of choices to dress all week.

Ankle, with elegant buckles, with zipper, elastic, simple, classic, jeeps… Each and every one of the models you can imagine different heels and heights. But most importantly, manufactured with the best skin and made in Spain. Don’t give up on having a few Roger Milton in your closet and brand your steps with style and comfort this season.

Find your ideal high heel boots in our online store and creates trend with a few Roger on your lap. You’ll be all eyes attention!