Surrealism We See Fashion with Other Eyes

The campaign of Kenzo for this autumn-winter has convinced us all. And is that the Surrealism get hit us and our attention, with beautiful images that will remain engraved in the retina, just what you looking for advertising. But it is not the only place where we have seen this trend in the catwalks for autumn winter 2013 / 2014:


The eyes of Kenzo print It is one of the more eye-catching and surprising and safe to the fashion weeks and in the streetstyle see both these items and the famous Green Sweatshirt of Kenzo that everything the world wore at the time.


Some patterned dresses of Dior This fall also made us remember the surrealist movement had in its ranks with artists such as Dalí, Magritte, or André Breton.


The drawings of ETRO they are half-way surrealism and psychedelia. Beautiful are.


Sweatshirts of Givenchy with strange drawings as Bambi also are one of the big hits of the season. And all for surrealism, and the symbolism of these images.


The sense of humor of Alber Elbaz has led to Lanvin towards the surreal wake, an art which requires much irony, as the of their gigantic hanging with messages.

In the designs, the prints of insects so typical of Dali flooded Lanvin clothing giving them a unique and unrepeatable touch.

Mary Katrantzou

The British designer always highlighted by the printed graphics of your garments and this season has given them a very attractive surreal touch. To this you add them an architectural cut out of the ordinary and the result is outstanding.


But the great predecessor of Surrealism in fashion was ELSA Schiaparelli and his collaborations with the artists of the time. The resurrection of this great House of Haute Couture fashion will make surrealism continues to talk about in the future.

Headdresses and designs that Christian Lacoix has created this season to Schiaparelli are incredible.