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International CYL: Bathing Suits and Bikinis Adapted

Garments adapted always have been necessary. It is not no discovery to affirm that those women who have undergone surgery, needed items in accordance with their diseases or injuries. We’re not talking just of intimate apparel, but also clothes that allow you to normalize all the daily life. Continue reading

Fashion Tips: the Best Swimsuits and Bikinis For 2014, Depending on Your Type of Silhouette

Five silhouettes and different proposals so that you can make the best party this summer

Sure, you’ve already look at bathing suits and bikinis this summer of 2014. A ‘mission’ that can become a nightmare for a fun day of ‘shopping’ but get to see you with any model. To facilitate this work what better than knowing your figure and, based on that, go in search of the perfect design.

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JOG Swimwear

Behind these 3 letters are the initials of an ex of France of synchronized swimming : Jessica Othnin-Girard. In the bath since the age of 6, she herself draws its own models of competition and it’s at 26 she naturally creates its brand of swimwear JOG SWIMWEAR inspired directly from the charm of the aquatic ballets to offer high-end and glamorous ornaments.

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Bikinis and Swimwear Summer 2016

Hello girls!
Already here good weather and we begin to think in the summer, the pool… so today I bring every year the post of bikinis and swimwear 2016.
Although does not appear because it is still very early and there are many shops with posts bikinis, only we have to find the right, therefore I bring you the best of each store: Continue reading

Spring Summer 2017 Victoria Secret Bikinis Catalog

If you are looking for a bikini that follow the latest trends and which in addition are quality, there is nothing get any models of the prestigious firm that occupies us now.

We are going to show you which is a new collection of Victoria Secret bikinis for the spring-summer 2017 with some of the best trends, and also adding some garments that are going to take in this new summer season.

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Bikini Trends For 2016

The spring summer 2016 fashion shows a trend in swimsuits and bikinis where you can see a retro style and classic bikinis as always, adding new trends and colors that are fashionable.

What is your best holiday destination on the beach during Easter week or in summer? Whatever your vacation destination, and you are looking for the best swimwear that suits your body, every year you will always find new trends to choose the best for you. Whatever your figure, always look beautiful with the right swimsuit for it. That is why today we show you the bathing suits 2016 and its trends in color, shape, texture and style so you can choose what style you want to wear this holiday and go for it.

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A Bikini For Each Body. How to Choose the Perfect Bikini

I am very happy with the results of the new workshop of Personal image and style that we are teaching in Las Palmas de GC. There is nothing better than learning how to make the most of our silhouette. Get to know our strengths and maximize them. It’s great when we know which clothes are that most favor us and enhance our most positive characteristics. Continue reading

The White Bikinis Catalog: Spring Summer 2017

Now is time to think in the rays of Sun, summer, beaches and of course, in the new collection that white has launched to 2017.

Firm surpasses itself and reveals a collection which includes the best trends that we wear to the current fashion. We only have to choose the bikini model that we like and wear it in the pools and beaches of our city to grab everyone’s attention.

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Dive Into The Budget In Swimwear Woman

Looking for the swimsuit that will make you the Queen of beaches ? The 2012 summer sales started in France yesterday on all your sites Favorites with big discounts. And, since the summer is here, why not take advantage of bargains to get a beautiful woman swimwear ? Our site offers to its summer sales of swimwear atprices that will make you dream. To help you choose your swimsuit summer 2012, check out our selection balances summer 2012 !

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How to Decorate a Bikini


With the arrival of warm summer and begin the first trips to the sea and the first glimpses of summer explodes the desire to show off an enviable bikini, maybe art cimentandoci of do it yourself. For those with manual dexterity it is not difficult, you just acquire a needle and thread and so much creativity. But even those who are not very practical in DIY can follow this simple guide to decorate herself a bikini. To do this you need some decorations such as sequins, beads or Swarovski, who expertly applied in the right places will give a very chic touch to the costume.


Make sure you have on hand:


Sequins, beads or Swarovski choice;

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Missoni Mare Swimwear

Missoni offers us a preview of the images of fabulous line Missoni Mare for next summer 2013. Although these days just beginning to enjoy the summer 2012 and the vagaries of fashion that are marking, as you know, the high fashion brands have already ready to reveal trends and must-have that will characterize the coming year, and Missoni Mare is one of these. The beautiful collection of which the brand has posted pictures on his Facebook profile, ranges easily between costumes, bikinis, sarongs and sun, but also between jumpsuit, dresses and exceptional coordinated. Continue reading

Select the Large Swimwear

You are mushy and you do not know what to choose as swimwear this summer? Tired of Monokinis you get older and you want to play the star on the sunny beaches? Solution: Swimwear flat stomach. If your curves are present evenly over your body and your waist is highlighted, your goal is to work out. To give you big when choosing your swimwear, here are some tips.

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Pull & Bear Swimwear

Summer comes and the Spanish brand Pull & Bear is pleased to show us his collection of swimwear for the summer. Pull & Bear, as you will know all, it is a brand of the group Inditex that we hear so many heads d apparel and accessories from cool style and really reasonable prices. Summer 2012 even swimsuits fully respect this philosophy with many lively solutions, colorful and very simple in which the main protagonists are the floral prints and bright colors or patterned. Let’s find out the sea collection of Pull & Bear.

Pull & Bear is a brand that we like very much for his youthful style and trend. But not only its collections of clothing to capture the attention of the fashion victim but also the accessories, are an example of the beautiful scarves for spring summer 2012 that we presented a few days ago, colored and decorated with precious prints and eye-catching.

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