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5 Women Fashion Blouses


1 – Overlay lace blouse

2 – Income sleeves with cotton

3 – Transparent lace blouse

4 – Metallic lace blouse

5 – Income blouse with stones

The lace fabric gets the facet to fit into a variety of fashion styles. If you are retro only be inspired by the fashion of the early 20th century and will find many the best style before Coco Chanel. If you want to be thin and elegant, be inspired in the first models Chanel blouse luxury couture and you will find lots of cool stuff too. Income inspires classic, casual and even sexy without being vulgar and have much nice to use. The following five legal models to inspire the look.

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How to Style the Leather Leggings

Leather is one of the materials that are fashionable in this season of winter 2013. This takes on all the pieces, thus also in details and decorations of the same.
The leggings are some items that should never miss in our closet, are comfortable and can use them for both day and night, by this winter if we renew the wardrobe with one of the trends 2013 must choose the leather leggings.

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How To Use: Ruffle Skirt, Heat Refreshment

You already know that ruffles are one of the most coveted effects this summer, is not it? Decorate skirts, tops, dresses, pants, accessories, anyway, everything! Donna Magazine this weekend brought an editorial on the trend, by the way. For those who want to invest, a good request is the skirt with three layers of frills in shirt fabric. It wears with singular elegance different silhouettes for not widening the proportions due to the excellent trim of the cloth, therefore, it is a very democratic model.

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Women’s Blouse with Apple Print

Delicious blouse in an absolutely stunning photo prints with red apples and green leaves in super nice bright colors. A special blouse from the Danish Ciliane, where there is an emphasis on design and quality.

It has been addressed in a really delicious organic cotton quality with a bit of stretch. The blouse has short sleeves and a very fine Feast your eyes on a V-neckline. It is slightly form-fitting without being too tight.

This is a super nice and very special blouse that guaranteed to arouse attention. Use it for a classic black skirt or go all in with a nice Ciliane skirt in either lime or orange.

Wholesale website: http://www.wholesaleably.com/online/womens-shirts-and-blouses/

Size    50    52    54    56
Length    68    68    69    70
Breast    114    120    128    132
Hip    126    130    140    144

All measurements are in cm.

Women's Blouse with Apple Print