London-Look By Asos Plus: Denim Shirt Bomber Jacket

As already reported, I was last week at the invitation of ASOS in London. There were also very much input to the new in addition to General information about ASOS and a super exciting tour through the headquarters plus & tall collection, which is already launched in December. But for the first time quite soft and without […]


Ask For Joker: Three Different Ways To Wear Black Jeans

Everyone has, ever had or will still have a black jeans in the closet, right? The dark wash variation of “our everyday jeans” is already a classic of contemporary clothing. And this status is more than deserved! Besides being a basic joker, comfortable for day to day, this pant does wonders for the silhouette and dresses well all […]


Ultimate Mens Leather Jacket

The Styles of Jackets Among casual leather jackets, there are three quite common styles: -The bomber jacket One of the most popular and versatile forms of leather jackets. They were originally designed for pilots in OPEN cockpits and are therefore intended to hold really warm and well insulate. From here come the famous elastic ribbed edges to […]


Remember The Fashion Trends That Took in 2016

Enter year, year out, and not for fashion! Every season, the catwalks dictate what you would see in the Windows and on the streets in the coming months. In 2016, was no different: we saw the heels and thin lose room for the comfort of the metallized flatforms turn and hit the bomber jackets fall […]


Without Error: looks For Use on Holidays From Work

Indecisive about what to wear on new year’s Eve events work? We have the solution! At the request of Donna, the stylist Bamiduro Haas set up different suggestions of looks for three profiles of celebration with the staff of the firm: happy hour, dinner and ballad. Adapt to your style and happy holidays! Happy Hour […]


20, 30, 40, 50, 60 or More: Learn why Fashion Has No Age

Time was the age became a time limiter to adopt trends. Today, making the right choice is a matter of common sense and of adapting fashion to the personality, to reality and style. Therefore, although the fashion images usually present young models, just have a little waist game to drink from the same source with […]


SPFWN42: Find Out Everything You Will Be The Next Trend Seasons

After six days of parades that were divided between the armed in Ibirapuera Park space and locations throughout the city of São Paulo, the São Paulo Fashion Week met bets on what will be the next fashion seasons. As in the previous edition, the SPFWN42 is no longer governed by station: there are brands that […]


The Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket / bomber First Minute culture during the 1 st World War, the bombers were not all equipped with cockpit / windshield (Foresti has finally invented anything). So the drivers needed clothing that keeps them warm. Leslie Irvin was the 1 st to make the flying jacket UK sheep. If today little has changed, except that the use of this garment has […]


Shorten a Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is one of the most popular items of clothing, especially the youngest. There are many designs and colors available in the market, a wide range that allows to always have fashions. But, like all the clothing items, if the leather jacket suits, not risk ruining irreparably the look. Many people now prefer […]


Best Summer Jackets

More than a year after our first collaboration with the brand Melinda Gloss (and three shows later MG side), it was time that we attack a summer room, elegant but with a casual touch. Here is our vision of the summer jacket with Melinda Gloss. Blue, white, beige and a touch of color with the belt and […]