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Big Test: Winter’s Best Dobb Shoes

Winter has taken a firm hold on the entire country. But have you seen over the grip during your running shoes? We guide you among this year’s option.

Running in the winter can be demanding in our latitudes. In addition to the cold and darkness, it’s either wet or slippery. Still, it’s usually superb nice to come out on a run during the winter, especially if you have the right clothes and good Dobb shoes.

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SPFWN42: Find Out Everything You Will Be The Next Trend Seasons

After six days of parades that were divided between the armed in Ibirapuera Park space and locations throughout the city of São Paulo, the São Paulo Fashion Week met bets on what will be the next fashion seasons.

As in the previous edition, the SPFWN42 is no longer governed by station: there are brands that follow with the traditional calendar and showed what is tendency in winter, but there are also those who submit your collection Resort or high summer. Some brands have been further and chose to show their proposals without having any connection with the

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Pants Culottes In Winter: Instructions For Use

How to match culottes pants in autumn / winter

The culottes pants were one of the leaders of most trend for summer 2016. It is a very versatile piece, which easily can be worn casually by matching sneakers and t-shirts, but also more neatly with a blouse and a pair of court shoes with high heels. In the summer, then, they are the best choice when you want to stay fresh, without discovering the legs too, which makes them perfect for work, college or school. And then, let’s say, are a lifesaver when we need to be comfortable, without sounding the slob in overalls!Fortunately, even in winter will remain trendy , worn with sweaters members and not too cluttered, but of course match the right shoes will be somewhat ‘more difficult , because you will certainly not go with bare calves with low temperatures ( unless be brave! ). We suggest, therefore, some combination suitable for the cold season. Continue reading

Pea Coat and Leather Jacket

Despite the popular speech, the perfecto is not named after its cut “perfectly fitted”, but a brand of Cuban cigars that the inventor of these jackets chose to give them. Today it is very connotation and biker bad boy, with a slim fit.

It is unmistakable thanks to its asymmetric collapse, providing a nice turn-down collar. Often lamb, most of these jackets can be purchased already crumpled to accentuate the adventurer side. However, some luxury brands have fun making a play wiser and more structured use of leather perfect quality, and therefore can afford to be perfectly smooth. Continue reading

Camouflage Army Jacket Fashion

For a total fashion look, it is obvious that the jacket Army-who reappeared pou winter 2012/2013 – is one of the must have any wardrobe self-respecting. Because it can be worn with almost everything that was (shirt, shirt, shoes, hat, etc.), theArmy jacket is the indispensable element for any style dress woman. This regard, celebrities don’t be wrong since I saw many of them the door to break a look too serious, too classic, too clean and give a small side “roots” to her outfit.

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